Spooktacular Halloween Yarn Wreath

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Halloween is less than a week away, so you may want to bookmark this post for next year.  I’d apologize for not getting this up earlier this month, but I’m so darn proud that I actually finished a craft project that I don’t care what anyone thinks! :)

I’ve been wanting to make a yarn wreath for my front door ever since I saw this post on Harper’s Happenings and this one on Steamy Kitchen back in March of this year.  I mean, how cute is this?!  If you search “yarn wreaths” on Pinterest, what you’ll find is amazing!!  But don’t do it, because then you won’t be as impressed with mine.

{Image and wreath by ItzFitz– check out their Etsy shop}

After seeing this, I immediately ran to Michaels and bought a bunch of brightly colored yarn and fun do-dads (think gerber daisies and little bumble bees!) to make a lovely spring wreath… but like most of my “craft babies”, it went unbirthed.  Unbirthed?!  Anyway, I didn’t make it.  Up went my St. Patrick’s Day wreath and it literally did not come down until last week.  What?!, we’re like 8% Irish, so I figure we’ve just been representing this whole time.  And we know like 8 people in California, so who really noticed?

With Halloween creepin’ up, I thought, how fun would it be to make a wreath with ghosts and goblins and all that spooky jazz.  I already had the wreath; I just needed some orange and black yarn, some ribbons, and with a few other Halloween goodies… so back to Michaels I went (who am I kidding, I’m there once a week!), and for about $15 dollars I walked out with a bag full of swag.  It could have probably been even less, but I just went in and grabbed a bunch of stuff; figured I’d try it all out and see what worked.  For a control freak, I’m sort of a poor planner…

There are a ton of useful tutorials on the Net about how to make one of these bad boys, but it’s really very simple.

  1. Buy yarn, styrofoam wreath and embellishments
  2. Wrap wreath with yarn
  3. Embellish
  4. Hang wreath
  5. Blog about it (optional)

But simple doesn’t mean quick.  This wreath takes a really long time to make, especially if you’re anal retentive like me. And by a long time, I mean the entire 4 hours of the 2-night Kardashian Wedding Event on E! (ok, so maybe watching TV played a factor).  Don’t get me wrong, it’s totally worth it and I’ll definitely make another one.  I just wanted to set the expectation that you probably won’t accomplish project this in one sitting, unless you’re Morgan from Mrs. Priss, because apparently she can bang out a wreath faster than I can write this blog post!  You go girl!

In order to bring some value to the subject, here are my yarn-wreath-making words of wisdom…

  • If you have a phobia of sytrofoam (and I do!), DO NOT buy a styrofoam wreath.  I don’t know what I was thinking!!  One wrap around that thing and the Hubs had to peel me off the ceiling.  For those of you who share my affliction, I highly recommend buying a straw wreath.  It’s not as smooth as the foam insert, but I think the bumpy appearance gives it some character.
  • Choose a yarn color that can span over seasons, so you can reuse the wreath.  For example, a cheery yellow or green can be used in Spring and Summer, a burnt orange (vs. a bright orange) can be used for Halloween and Thanksgiving.
  • Choose a yarn that is somewhat thick.  This will reduce the number of times you have to wrap it around.
  • Wrap the yarn around the wreath once, then go back for a second time and just fill in any gaps.  Some tutorials tell you to wrap the entire wreath a second time, but there isn’t enough trash TV in the world that could get me to do that!
  • Instead of adhering your embellishments with a hot glue gun, use mini alligator craft clips to fasten your decorations to the wreath.  That way, you can take them off and reuse the wreath!  It’s also good for storage.
  • Consider making smaller wreaths to cut your crafting time in half.  They would make great indoor decorations and/or gifts!
  • Look for yarn, ribbons and other do-dads (did I use the word “do-dads” twice in this post?!) at the end of a season for next year’s wreath.  That way, they’ll be super cheap, and you never have to hang the same wreath twice!
  • Lastly, if you didn’t catch it on our Facebook Page, Michaels has a great {free} app for iPhone.  Download it now and never worry about leaving your coupons at home, or pay full price!

So without further ado… I present, the making of the Eatherton Halloween wreath!

Were you crafty this Halloween?  If so, tell us about what you made here and/or link to your blog.

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  1. Your craftiness is surprising. In a good way:) I like the spider detail. I am just not sure I have the patience…


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